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Why Is Laxmi Aggarwal Excluded From Chhapaak Promotions?



When the  first trailer  of  Megha Gulzar’s  anxiously-awited bio-pic on acid-attack survivor  Laxmi Aggarwal made its appearance  , people wondered  why the real-life  survivor  was not to be seen anywhere.

 Wagging tongues were hastily shut with assurances  from the  production team that the real MsAggarwal would show up sooner  rather than later at  the  promotions  of Chhapaak. But now the film’s release is around the corner.

And  there is no sign  of  Laxmi Aggarwal at any  of  the  promotions! Far from  it. Instead the  production team is sending out press hints to the media that the film is  NOT about just Laxmi but several  other  acid-attack survivors.

“Bunk!”  expostulates a  source  in the know. “They  took Laxmi Aggarwal into confidence  before  making Chhapaak, told  her it  is her story and paid her  a pittance which is now not acceptable  to the real-life acid survivor. Laxmi has therefore dissociated  herself from  the project.”                                                                                                                    The  other explanation for  the  valorous  Ms Aggarwal’s absence  from Chhapaak events is that the producers have taken a  call to keep her out.

“The team, and that included Deepika Padukone who is  also a producer  on Chhapaak ,has decided to  keep the attention restricted to Deepika. They don’t want Laxmi Aggarwal  to divert the public’s attention  from the star,” says  another source.

 It is to be  noted that  that Deepika  was not happy when she had to share the  success of  Pikuwith Mr Amitabh Bachchan.  In fact  she did not invite Mr B for her Piku success party. She later  claimed it was  an oversight.

 A  bit like not inviting Shah Jahan for  the opening of  the Taj Mahal, no?

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