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Will Akshay Kumar Reimburse His Cash-Stunned Distributors?



Akshay Kumar

With two  back-to-back disasters –Bachchan Pandey  and now Samrat Prithviraj—it is  time  for Akshay Kumar to do some serious career-rethink  especially about his remuneration which  one hears  is  close to 165 crore rupees.

We are talking per film.

Distributors  and exhibitors  are now seriously  questioning not just Akshay Kumar’s but also the  other so-called superstar’s  monstrously  inflated pay-scale.

For starters , Akshay should compensate  the  distributors who are reeling the under the shock  of the two films.

Roshan  Singh  a leading exhibitor  of  Bihar says,  “It is  the right thing for Mr Akshay Kumar to do. In the South , in Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi  is personally  reimbursing distributors in Telangana  and Andhra after the failure of his latest Telugu  film Acharya. In Hindi cinema producers, exhibitors and distributors have to face  the brunt of every flop.Why should we  be the  only ones to suffer? The decent  and  decorous  thing for  Mr Kumar to do would be to compensate  distributors . Some  of  them have  gone bankrupt after the recent  flops , Bachchan Pandey and Samrat  Prithiviraj being the frontbenchers.”

Suman Sinha another leading exhibitor of  Bihar is fuming. “These  so-called A-listers  , these  superstars should know their days  are over.A  new generation of stars  like Kartik Aaryan have  taken over. I doubt Akshay Kumar  will even think of reimbursing distributors. These  superstars have never  considered anything except their own bank balance. They give a damn about cinema. Sirf lootne ke liye hain.”

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