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Will Hrithik Call It Truce With Kangana Ranaut?



With Hrithik Roshan recording his statement at the  Mumbai crime branch regarding a case  involving Kangana Ranaut from 2016,  the issue which many misguided souls  thought dead, has been declared  alive  and  kicking.

A  friend  of Hrithik tells me he has  no intention of  letting sleeping dogs lie.

“Because  a lie is a lie no  matter who long its lies low. He(Hrithik)is  not the  kind to let a  wrong done to him slide out into oblivion. There are  so many celebrated cases in the entertainment  business which fizzle out  into nothing. This is  not one of then. Hrithik  will see the matter to its  conclusion no matter what it takes,” says  the friend.

Hrithik’s father had  in an earlier interview  said to me, “ Duggu (Hrithik’s nickname) is  fighter. He  has  overcome many major hurdles in   life. He used to have a stammer which he conquered. He had  a major neuro-surgery some years  ago. Duggu doesn’t  give up easily.  In fact he doesn’t give  up at all.”                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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