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Will Tenet & Indoo Ki Jawaani Bring Back The Audience This Summer? Trade Analysts Kick In



Will Tenet & Indoo Ki Jawaani Bring Back The Audience This Summer? Trade Analysts Kick In 12

Girish  Johar:  “Tenet is one film which is very keenly awaited for release in India. It is being released in multiple languages and has a very good buzz around it. In spite  of   the pandemic scenario the film is going to get  a wide release and advance ticket bookings are also very  upbeat. Tenet will SURELY be the film to change the gear of walk-ins into the cinema to a better one. How much upside change, time will tell. Also Indoo Ki Jawani has a decent awareness but is more of a youth-targeted film which unfortunately, with schools and colleges being closed can be a dampener. But will add surely to the curiosity of audiences and will depend on its content and WOM(word  of mouth).

Amod Mehra:  “Tenet to a certain extent in multiplexes, may bring back the  audience. But not Indoo ki Jawani as there is no buzz  about this film.”

Atul Mohan:  “Yes , Tenet is the one which is likely to pull audience back into cinema halls. The advance booking  and the  public’s  anticipation so far is very encouraging. This is  good news for trade and cinema owners , specially multiplexes. I don’t think Indoo Ki Jawani  has generated any excitement in public and trade. The promo has failed to generate any hype or excitement as it lacks any face-value. Right now only one thing can draw the audience back and that is big budgeted entertainer.”

Akshaye Rathi:  “These two  films would be good stepping stones in the film industry’s march towards normalcy. The key to the exhibition sector’s resurrection is a consistent flow of content and every film that is releasing counts.”

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