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Would Prabhas’ Insistence On Dubbing In Hindi Prove Disastrous?



Telugu superstar Prabhas’ determination  to get  everything right in and with Saaho is truly admirable. The actor is  leaving  no  stone  unturned  to ensure the  big Baahubali expectations are lived up to.

However his decision to and insistence on   dubbing  his own lines in  Hindi for the Hindi version  of Saaho has created a high  level   of  anxiousness in the  production team.

Prabhas’ dialogue delivery  in Hindi is far from satisfactory.

Says a  source, “He speaks  a distinctly Hyderabadi Hindi and  that  too just a smattering.  When  Prabhas  expressed his determination  to do his own  dialogues in Hindi,  the  producers and  director Sujeeth were  in  two  minds. But  there  was no way they could  discourage let alone  stop him from  doing what he wanted.”

Now that  Prabhas has done   what he could  with his Hindi lines there is a widespread apprehension about  the  way his linguistic  adventure would be perceived and accepted  by the  audience.

 Says an informed  source  from the  film industry, “His dialogue delivery is not quite what North Indian audiences  would expect   from the hero,unless the hero is specifically  South Indian, like Kamal  Haasan in Ek Duuje Ke Liye.”

Worried sources close to the Saaho project feel a better  option for Prabhas would have been  to get  a professional  dubbing artiste to match the Superstar’s  voice, like  Mayur Vyas who  dubs all of Rajinikanth’s  Hindi dialogues.

However  a major North Indian distributor  of  Saaho feels Prabhas’ accent and  voice would be  no hurdle to  the  film’s success. “Prabhas’ fans  are not  bothered with  which language he speaks. He is accepted pan-India  after Baahubali as a national superstar.”

Agreed. But would the same level of audience  devotion as Baahubali  be  given to Prabhas in Saaho ,specially since his Hindi sounds like it needs a crash course?

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