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Yashica Dutt Accused Of Plagiarism



Yashica Dutt

Dalit writer Yashica Dutt who accused director Neeraj Ghaywan of appropriating her life  and experience in a segment  of Prime Video’s Made In Heaven2  is accused of a bit of the same by writer Sumit Baudh

 Baudh tweeted, “YashicaDutt is making high pitched demands—from high moral grounds—for the recognition, acknowledgment, credit of her work from Neeraj and from Amazon Prime; but she’s oddly silent about her own failure to acknowledge and credit my article (of 2007) in her book (of 2019)…. In one part, this is Yashica Dutt’s hypocrisy (toward me); and in another part, more disturbing, it’s public nuisance, harassment, and bullying (of Neeraj Ghaywan). Yashica appears to be deploying the rhetoric of caste, gender, & intersectionality to serve only herself.”

 While  Ms Dutt’s response  to Baudh’s   allegations is   awaited,  one hears the row regarding Made In Heaven 2 is likely to die a quiet death .

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