Eye Spy: This Young Superstar Likes To Make Up Scandals About His Close Family & Friends

A popular star-actor who hasn’t really had a big success in a long time  thanks to his unusual  choice  of  roles and an arrogant belief in his own worth, is known to spread scandalous stories about people close to him. His antics with his former girlfriend while promoting their film together are stuff misogynous  myths are made of.

But it isn’t that sadistic side of him we are talking about. It’s the stories he spreads about those whom he’s close to that are proof of his utter insensitivity towards the feelings of others. Most recently he embarrassed the hell out of one of his closest director-friends by telling the giggling media a dark dirty secret  about the director-friend’s homo-erogenous habit.

It shocked embarrassed and hurt the respected director to hear his friend talk like that in public. But then this star is known to do such things. Years ago when this was assisting one of the top directors of the country he shocked me by confessing that the director’s behaviour towards him was akin to “child molestation”

But wait he doesn’t stop at compromising and humiliating his director-friends only. He doesn’t  spare his near and dear ones either. When his parents, big stars of their own times both, were facing rough weather in their marriage this star-actor told his friends that his parents fought because his mother was in a lesbian relationship with a former actress(who was a Dev Anand discovery).

Shocked? There is more. Not just this celebrity-parents this actor doesn’t spare his legendary grandfather either. He once told a group of incredulous listeners that he once caught his grandfather smooching with a singer .

More than passing on information about people whom this star is close to I think he just likes to watch the reaction of those whom he shares these shocking inside details with.

Says a friend, “It’s his way of showing the world how casually honest he is.Be blunt about your closed ones, and the world will be awed. Or so he thinks.”

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