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Zoa Morani Lately Recovered  From Coronavirus, Tells About The Experience



Are you, your sister and your Dad fully recovered? 

My sister Shaza has fully recovered, I have a slight cough .Papa(producer Karim Morani)  is still in hospital.He should return in two days, Inshallah

Now that you are out of it how do you look back on the experience? 

It was a whirlwind! A learning experience that how the little things in life matter so much like taking care of our health physically and mentally . How grateful I am for the most loving family EVER  and also Prayers are magic that can help you  pull through anything..

How was the treatment and the atmosphere in hospital?

They were very systematic and clean. Helpful , sensitive and attentive to our needs .. emotionally and physically.. even right till the cleaning staff , would so cutely come after every few hours to check on me and say a sweet thing or two .That would really brighten up my spirits .No words will ever be enough to thank them for risking their lives to help us recover ! God bless them
You are one of the privileged to get the best treatment what about those thousands who have no access to proper medical facilities? What do you feel should be done for them?

I feel the GOVERNMENT is doing a commendable job with the entire situation, been reading articles about how Kasturba hospital and Seven Hills hospital are dealing with the crisis and have read many positive stories regarding treatment and recovery. I’m no one to say what should be done for them as I genuinely believe this is an extremely distressing situation from people of all works of life and everyone is doing the best in their capacity to cope. Its all new with very less accurate information to rely on .
Since you have been through it what is your advice to those who are infected by the virus?

We are going through anxious times and people are still learning about the disease. We cannot take this lightly and must follow the rules and also take care of our health mentally and physically! It’s a big change and a huge challenge God has thrown on us , but I sincerely believe that He has given us the tools to manage it and fight it out . Prayers , yoga , healthy food and leading a disciplined schedule through the day is what is helping me . Hope it helps others too !

What kept you going so calmly through the treatment and how did you spend your time in quarantine?

My prayers and my yoga kept the positivity up!  Also kept telling myself that I am grateful the symptoms didn’t hit me very hard , as a lot of people out there need oxygen masks and ventilators and I don’t so I must just concentrate on the positives And  also all the love and attention from family ,friends , social media , work associates, media ! It was overwhelming the concern everyone shared !

The virus is far from vanquished. Your advice to those out there who are vulnerable to the virus?

Everyone still learning about the virus so we have to have to follow the rules of the medical authorities and govt. But also to keep the faith that yes it is scary and we keep reading a lot of negative news but there is an equal amount of positive news related to the virus and most people get hit mildly and recover from it , bouncing back to normal.
Did you feel the support of the entertainment industry?

The support has been overwhelming. Varun Dhawan  is always very sensitive and caring about his audience. He wanted to show them how I was recovering so well so that the fear out there can be reduced a bit and people can hear about a positive recovery story

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