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Adah Sharma Who Is Known For Her Unique Choice Of Roles Will Next Be Seen In An Eros Film Titled ‘Aisa Waisa Pyar’ Where She Will Be Paired Opposite…Hold Your Breath! A Dog !! Trust Adah To Do Something Like This !!



Adah sharma
Adah Sharma  says ,” I’m very excited to be paired opposite Happy the dog. I try with each film to do something different. Right from my Debut 1920 to action in commando. I do not identify with my character in ‘Aisa Waisa Pyar’ that’s why I had so much fun playing a bitch! “
Ashish Patil the director says, Adah Sharma is one of the best actors I have worked with till now. All of us on the set were ready to shoot a special emotional sequence with Adah. It was a 60-second shot but needed complete focus from Adah. When she completed the shot, all of us including me were numb with emotion. Adah had completed it in one take! And she had given such a beautiful performance in that sensitive sequence, that everyone present on sets – from the Spot boy to the Videographer had tears in their eyes!”
Adah will next be seen in Commando 4, the Holiday season 2, a Telugu film with Nanis production which she has just completed called meet cute , an international action film and two more Hindi films which promise to be something different from the usual.
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