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5 Unknown Facts About Sunny Leone



Sunny Leone


1.     She  was born Karenjit Kaur  Vohra  but adapted the porn-name  of Sunny Leone which served  her well in the adult  industry which she  has now disowned. In fact  in a highly controversial interview in 2016 with Bhupendra Chaubey when he asked Ms Leone  about her  association with the adult filmmaking industry, she became  visibly  upset. Her fans  in  the media fanned the shaming theory  .Curiously  prior to this I had asked her many times  about her  links with the lust  industry—porn intended—and she had answered with  complete candour.

2.     Sunny Leone’s lunge into  Bollywood began with  Bigg Boss where she befriended Mahesh Bhatt. By the  time she  was  out  of Bigg Boss house she had already  bagged Mahesh’s daughter Pooja’s Jism  2. By  the time  Jism  2 was completed  Ms Leone  had fallen  out with Pooja Bhatt. They  never worked  together again.

3.     In 2016   Dilip Mehta made the documentary Mostly Sunny on the life of Sunny Leone . The documentary took us  to all the places and people who  went into the making of  the story  and was indeed  a comprehensive take on a unique and jolting life.However even before Mehta’s documentary  was  released  on various  platforms  Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Webber disowned the work completely,  leaving Mehta  baffled and bereft  of a promotional figure for his  film.

4.     Sunny’s  husband Daniel Webber is not just her  soulmate and  life partner  but the reason why she is  what she  is today. Daniel  fell in love  with Sunny, gave up his  lucrative family business and  decided to become an adult  star  alongside  his lady love so that she wouldn’t do intimate scenes with other actors. He  not only controls her  wealth  but also her destiny. There  should be  a film on  Daniel’s loyalty  and love (with a brief stopover at lust) for the luscious  Leone.

5.      Sunny Leone is internet’s most searched woman of Indian  origin. Often mistaken  for  Sunny Deol , he gets hits  on the  internet from people  searching for  the  sexier Sunny. We don’t know if Mr Deol has sent  his thank you note to  Ms Leone.

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