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Sunny Leone: “I am in my 30s and that is where I  shall remain for the rest of my life”



Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone has  come a  long way. In an interview with Subhash  K Jha she talks about what  it means to be a mother , a wife and the  nation’s favourite pinup girl.

You turned a  year older on May 13. What was your birthday like?

My husband Daniel Weber  threw me a birthday  party. He said it’s that time of the  year when we must celebrate. I am  not a birthday  person. But he invited all the people we’ve worked with. All our close friends  in Mumbai were there. We had an amazing night.

It is  said that  life begins at  40. Do you agree?

I have no idea what you are talking about. I am in my 30s and that is where I  shall remain for the rest of my life.

The last two years have been tough on all of us. How have they been for you?

Yes, the last two years have been tough on everyone,me included. But I am fortunate that I have Daniel. We had each other to see us through. Another bright spot during those dark times was that we had time to sort  many business matters and also we got so much time to spend with the kids. I think that’s how a lot of people  survived  the pandemic. And now all of us have created a whole new way of living.

How do you  assess your progress in Bollywood so far?

How do I assess my progress in Bollywood? (Laughs). I think as long as  I am working and able to provide for my family, then I am doing absolutely wonderful. I do not have  a financial  back-up, so it’s just Daniel and I  providing for ourselves and our children, and I’m so proud of that.

Looking after  three kids can be tough for any  mother. How do you manage  to look aglow all the time?

The glow comes from taking care  of my children. Just looking at them makes me  so happy. They  bring  sunshine into my  life, although I  must admit they can quiet  a handful at times. There’re three of them and  often quite demanding. But they are the  love of my life.

What do you think of the OTT revolution?

The  OTT platform is amazing.  If you as an entertainer  are  not on  it already then you are losing out. Every  entertainer should try their hardest to be  a part of the  digital world  as much as possible. We live in a  world and society that’s changing  every second  and  if you are not on board  then you are missing out. But then there are celebrities who don’t want to  go digital. And that’s great. Because that means I will get more work on OTT, ha ha. But on a more serious note I hope everyone finds  a place in this changing world.

If you had the  chance to change  one thing in your life what would it be?

Looking back at my life, at least during the last four years I wish I  could change my habit of eating with my kids. Gosh, children’s food is so good! I don’t know why. As far as my professional  life is concerned I wouldn’t want  to change a thing. Everything that has happened has been absolutely amazing. And this year is equally amazing. People will get to see all the work I’ve done during the past two years.

Your  immediate plans?

My immediate  plans? To just keep working , enjoying my  time with my family as much as I can,and just enjoying life. At this point of time, my life is  not about making plans. It’s about enjoying the fruits of my labour with my loved ones.

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