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Abhishek, The Warrior Is Back Home After Combat



Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek  Bachchan  took longer than the  rest  of his family  in getting  over  the Cornova crisis. But he  fought back hard.

Says a  source close to the family, “Abhishek kept the entire family’s  spirit high. He first saw  his wife and daughter then  his father  off from hospital and then he never let anyone of them know how hard it was for him to  be  left behind  all alone fighting  the  virus.”

Abhishek  apparently spent a lot of time in hospital   reading scripts  and speaking to his  family over  the phone and  video calls.

He now returns for  the interrupted marketing  of his successful digital series  Breathe 2  which  was panned by many  critics, but still  managed to get big numbers of eyeballs.

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