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Aditya Narayan, “I’m Back Home From Hospital”, To Get Back On Indian Idol



Aditya Narayan

Singer-entertainer Aditya Narayan  is back home after  being hospitalized  for Covid19. 

“I am  feeling much better. My wife  is also much better, though  the virus has left her weak,” says  Aditya  as he prepares  to  return to  Indian  Idol  as  the  host this weekend, unsure of  what the  future  holds.

His  advice  to his fans? “STAY HOME….It’s the  only way you  can avoid  the  virus. I  was as careful  as humanly possible. I  did  the mask, sanitizer everything. I didn’t step out to go anywhere  except  for my shootings,to go to the  gym and to visit my parents. In fact  I had changed  my gym time to  6 am instead  of  the evening  to  avoid crowds. I still got  the  virus.  So  basically,  one  can’t be too careful.”

Aditya is  still in quarantine,  still to get himself tested   to  ascertain if he  is Covid Negative. “It’s now  18 days since   I was detected  Covid positive.So I’ll be tested  on Monday when it would be 3 weeks.”

When told he  was  much missed on Indian Idol Aditya replies, “That’s good to hear. I also  miss being part  of the show  and can’t wait to return.”

In  his  absence Rekha came visiting  to Indian Idol.

Says Aditya, “Rekhaji is EPIC . She  is  a memorable  experience.”

In  the meanwhile  Aditya is  still trying to  convince his father Udit Narayan to take the vaccine. “We are  on a family video call trying to convince dad . I  don’t want to imagine my grandmother and my parents going through  what  I have specially  during the first  5-6 days after getting the virus.”

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