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Adnan Sami Brings In 49th Birthday In Munich



Maverick musician Adnan Sami brought in his 49th  birthday in Munich, Germany.

“It’s my sasural.And my wife Roya and I reached here with  our daughter Medina just in time for my  birthday,” says Adnan as he warns  that  the  party was  for his daughter.

“We  told Medina it was her birthday. Two cakes were  ordered in pink and white.Medina  first cut her cake. Then when I tried  to cut my cake she  started crying.  She  was  like, ‘Why are YOU  cutting  a cake on my  birthday?’. So  she ended up cutting both the  cakes on  my birthday  receiving gifts and we  all sang  ‘Happy Birthday’ to her.”

Adnan sounded  happy letting his 3-year  old  daughter steal the limelight on his  birthday. “After your  children are  born, your  own  birthday ceases  to  matter.The kids make sure of that. But seriously,  I am the happiest  person  in the world. My cup of joy runs  over. I  couldn’t ask  for anything more. Except to see this  Cornovirus come  to an end. We all need to move on.”

Adnan will remain in  Munich for now.

“What difference does  it make whether  I am in Mumbai or Munich at the moment? I am working from home anyway, mixing my music on  the computer and sending  it out for recording on the internet. I think  the one good thing  that has come  out of this  virus is that unnecessary travel has been eliminated from  our lives.  We’ve realized how much of the travelling we  did was irrelevant. The  only  people I feel sorry for are those husbands with double  lives who made frequent ‘business trips.’ They can’t  pull that one on their spouses  any  longer.”

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