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Agastya Nanda Needs To Prep Rigorously For  Ikkis , To Shoot  In September-October 2023



Agastya Nanda

Agastya Nanda  is  very excited  about  playing war  martyr  Arun Khetarpal in Ekkis. He  needs time to prepare to play  the  Param   Vir Chakra winning war martyr.The shooting won’t start  until September  2023  as  director Sriram Raghavan wants to shoot the  war epic in a particular  weather and light . This gives Agastya  to prepare for   the  role.

Sriram  doesn’t want  Ekkis to be just another bio-epic. He wants it to be  reflective of  the soldier’s personality.For  Sriram’s  Andha Dhun Ayushmann Khurrana had to learn  to  play the piano,  even if it was just three musical pieces. Agastya  has to work a  lot harder to look convincing.He  must go on location, meet other soldiers  and   Arun Khetarpal’s family. He  needs  to understand the language  of a soldier. The agility and  the alertness , to begin with.

If  a civilian  were to climb into a  battle tank  he  would  probably  need  a  chair . Agastya  has to jump into the tank as if he belonged  in it.

The director and his team  also need to source the artillery , tanks and other battle artillery from the 1970s.

All in all,  Agastya Nanda’s sophomore  film will be  a lot tougher  to  pull off than his debut film The Archies which was  a breeze.

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