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Ahmed Khan: Fox Shot Down Our Plans To Shoot Baaghi 3 In Syria



Baaghi 3

 That  authentic war-torn zone  we see in  the trailer of Baaghi 3  is not really Syria.

“We  shot in Serbia where we had  to construct huge sets to make it look like Syria, “ reveals  director Ahmed Khan, “Our producers Fox  Star refused to let us  shoot in Syria….too dangerous. So we had to  build huge  sets in  Serbia that resembled  the topography  in Syria.”

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But if sets had to be erected, why not do them in Mumbai.Why go all the way to Serbia? Such a  waste  of resources!

Ahmed shrugs,  “Sajid Nadiadwala said  just  do what it takes to  get it right.  We did   try to  do it in Mumbai. But it didn’t seem  to work out right. I am glad we shot in Serbia. We  got the right atmosphere and  the  proper  junior artistes who  spoke Arabic.”

Baaghi 3  looks like another plot about  a kidnap and revenge.

Ahmed  brightens up, “That’s right!  There  is a kidnapping in common as a  triggering point  in the  plot   to all  the three  Baaghi 3 films so far. I think  it will be a common refrain in  the  Baaghi 3  franchise.Besides of course, Tiger   whom we can’t make Baaghi  without.”

Ahmed has refrained  from doing any  of the choreography  in  Baaghi 3 . “Too  much to handle.I am hands-on in all the action scenes. So besides  the direction I’ve to be on high-alert  in many other departments. I left  the choreography  to Ganesh Acharya  and to my assistant  Adil Shaikh.”

Ahmed says  he intends  to take  a long break after  Baaghi 3 . “It has taken two of  years  of hard work. I am exhausted. I  need  a break before  breaking into Baaghi 4.”

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