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Amit Sharma Signs Neena Gupta In The Intern



Amit Sharma Signs Neena Gupta In The Intern

I Will Always Cast Neena Gupta & Gajraj Rao

Badhai Ho  turned  the  fortunes of two neglected  actors Neena Gupta  and Gajraj Rao. Both  have expressed their  undying gratitude  to the Badhai Ho  director Amit Sharma. Neena even told me she might have quit acting if  Badhai Ho hadn’t come along.

 Reacting to this Amit Sharma says, “It is very  kind of  Neenaji and Gajrajji. But it’s their own talent , hard work and their good fortune that they’ve come to this belated stardom. Neenaji’s career is now rocking. She  is  so much in demand that she has  to  turn down roles. Gajrajji  tells me   his life and career  have changed completely. Not just Gajrajji  but also  his wife  and  children are enjoying his success.”

   Amit shares Gajraj Rao’s excitement at being  papped. “The  other day he  called  to excitedly tell me he was in a  showroom when he heard shouts of  ‘Gajraj Sir’ behind him. When he  turned around it was the paparazzi wanting to take his  pictures.  Gajrajji said he  had  never  thought  in his wildest dream he would one  day be chased   by the paps.”

Amit promises to cast  Neena  Gupta and  Gajraj Rao in  all his  films.  “Gajrajji  has a solid part  in  my  Maidaan(featuring Ajay Devgan). There was  no  role for Neenaji in Maidaan. But she is definitely  a part  of my  next film The Intern with Amitji.”

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