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An Actor Like Soumitra Chatterjee Is Very Rare, Says Nawazuddin




 In  all modesty,  Nawazuddin Siddqui, considered  one   the finest contemporary actors. Feels inadequate when he  watches an  actor like  Soumitra Chatterjee on screen.

“He  could convey  so much by saying  and doing so little .When I see his performance  I feel  I’ve such a  long way to go,”  says Nawaz who has been watching  a lot  of regional and  international cinema during the  lockdown  and feeling  very  humbled .

“There are such talented actors in Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh  and Assam. In Mumbai  they believe  the sun  rises and  sets in Hindi cinema. That’s  a myth being spread  by commercial   cinema which is  killing  talent in Hindi cinema. When  you see an  actor like Soumitra Chatterjeeor  Kamal Haasan you feel  the  full weight   of  their talent  in  every character. They are so  into what they  play we forget who they are. That’s  the  kind of oneness I want to achieve  with  my characters,” says Nawaz.

 He feels he  has a long way to go. “Over here  in our film industry we tend  to kill talent with over-praise.  Jitni jaldi mathe pe  bithate hain utni jaldi girate bhi hai(we put actors on pedestals  quickly and pull them down just as  quickly).”

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