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New I & B Censorship Rule Scares The hell Out Of Mirzapur



With  the streaming platform now  coming  under the  censorship guidelines  of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting the  free-for-all atmosphere  that prevailed  on  the OTT platform is  a thing of  thepast, as  it now  looks at a glum future.

The  ongoing  serials  which revel in  the  ‘filth’  dimension  would now have to seriously  reconsider  their attitude  towards the volume  of  luridness    in their content. 

A  member  of  the popular Mirzapur cast revealed to this writer that there is consternation in their team over the  new  censorship rules on  the digital platform. “We are talking about this among ourselves. Our USP in Mirzapuris the  blunt  content , fearless plotline, and the  authentic dialogues. The characters speak  like  real  gangsters in  the Nortern belt. They would now have  to  curb their BCsand MCs severely. It would just not be the same any more.”

However  a source close to the  BJP government  says the OTT platform doesn’t  have to be afraid. “It’s not as  thought overnight they would be  asked to turn into prudes. The whole idea  of  a  digital platform is  to give filmmakers the  freedom to show and say what they can’t in the cinema. The curb would be on sleaze  rather than  authenticity.”

Veteran lyricist  media  commentator Amit Khanna feels there’s no reason for  the  digital   filmmakers to panic. “It doesn’t change anything at present. The notification is only about change in Business rules which means that digital  content which was currently being administered by Ministry of IT will now be looked after by I&B Ministry. This is in fact good as content and carriage are two different entities. If and when any regulations are introduced there will proper stakeholder consultation and perhaps an amendment to the act. As per Government’s statement in the SC online content will have  self-regulation”

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