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Anees Bazmee On Where Bollywood Went  Wrong In 2022



Anees Bazmi

Anees Bazmee who  have the  famine-ridden Hindi film industry a  rare  hit Bhool  Bhulaiyaa 2  in  2022,  is deeply concerned about the frog-in-the-well attitude  of  filmmakers in  Bollywood.

“The audience  and  its tastes and preferences  in cinema have  changed radically in the last two years. You can’t serve them stale bakwas(nonsense)  and expect them  to  make that trip into movie theatres just because  you have lined  up stars in a project. Visiting the theatre is  like  taking an  out-of-town  trip for  the public.  Our filmmakers have to understand that the  script is the real  star now. If you work on that department, everything automatically  falls  into place,” says  Anees, who calls himself a lifetime student of  cinema.

“A  lot  of filmmakers say they are  open to learning about cinema. But they are not. They are lying. They  only say this  because  it is fashionable  to  do so.I am an unabashed student of cinema.  I watch  a lot of films from  all over the world. Believe me, they have  a lot to teach us. We can’t be frogs in the well. We have to know what  kind of cinema is  being made in the rest  of the world to grow as  filmmakers,” reiterates  Anees.

Speaking on the  changing tastes  of  the  audience Anees, “Woh bhola-bhala darshak abb nahin raha. That innocent  viewer who  would meekly lap up anything  you served  him, does not  exist  any more. Today’s audience  is  aware  of cinema  all over the world, thanks  to the OTT platform. With one click  you can watch  cinema from any part of the  world.And the audience is  no longer put off by subtitles. They can read and watch at the same time.”

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