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Anees Bazmee On Why He Said No To Hera Pheri 3



Anees Bazmi

Wasn’t hitmaker Anees Bazmee  almost inked for  directing   the third part of producer  Firoz Nadiadwala’s  Hera Pheri  franchise?

Now we  hear Farhad  Samji is  doing the film. Anees is  suddenly out.

What happened? I  reached out to Anees,  and he didn’t beat  around the bush.

“I met the  producer Firoz Nadiadwala several times. He  didn’t have much of  a story let alone  a script. Unhone jo mujhe idea bataya woh  kuch jammee bahin(the idea he  threw at me didn’t jell with me). Maina na keh diya(I said no),” admits  Anees.

The formula  for a  successful film is simple for Anees. “No script no hit. It’s as simple as that. Which is why I am taking so  much time over my next screenplay which will star Shahid Kapoor. I am going to finish writing it by the  end of this month. Then there will be an announcement.”

Coming back to the third part  of  Hera Pheri(which will be titled Hera Pheri 4) Anees says, “After I  declined the  offer, I now hear the film is  going to be directed by someone else(Farhad Samji).Akshay Kumar who was totally opposed to doing the film without a proper script  has apparently agreed  to come on board. I don’t know how  or why. Only he  will be able to tell. Speaking  for myself, I am  not part of that project anymore.”

Was  the fact that Firoz Nadiadwala still owed Anees money  for the last  film that they did together, also a reason  for Anees opting out?

“Yes, that too. But  if I had liked  the story idea I would have probably  gone head. Lekin aisa kuch ttha  hi nahin(there was nothing to tempt me  to do the film).”

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