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Another Director Out Of Favour With Salman ?



It is  unlikely , if not impossible that   director Ali Abbas Zafar,  until  recently  Salman’s most favourite  filmmaker, would return to  direct  the  next instalment  of   Tiger Zinda Hai.

Apparently Salman and  Ali had  massive arguments during the shooting of  Bharat .

Says a source  close to the  project. “Ali was  willing to concede  that  Salman was the final word on how  the film is to be shot. But  the director  was no novice. He  was not  willing to accept Salman’s intervention after every shot. Salman’s ego couldn’t take that.”

Rumour has it that Zafar is  doing his next  film with Shah Rukh Khan  while Salman is looking for another  director to take  over the Tiger franchise .

 Interestingly Ali Abbas Zafar  had taken  over  the  Tiger franchise from  Kabir Khan after  the latter had a  fallout with  Salman.

Some  months  ago when  I  had  asked  Ali about the rift rumours  he  laughed  away  these  rumours. “This is all rubbish being spread by people  who can’t bear  to see  us sharing such a warm and  stress-free  rapport  for so  long.There was  no stress at all regarding any aspect  of the film between us. He  was very very supportive  right through the  making of  not just Bharat but  also Sultan and Ek Tha Tiger.”

But it looks  like the  rumours were  true after all.

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