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Anurag Kashyap Says He Is “Recovering Well”



Avant garde filmmaker Anurag  Kashyap had to undergo  emergency heart surgery earlier this  weak . When I  touched base with him he  replied, “Recovering well.”

 That should come as a relief  to all of Kashyap’s fans and well -wishers. Covid apart, this is  not a  good time to be  Anurag Kashyap. Last year he was accused  of sexual misconduct by a starlet who has  now miraculously  disappeared. Apparently  Kashyap has documents to prove  that he was not in India when the alleged  incident  happened.

 Before he could get a  breather  from that  attack Anurag’s premises were raided  for income-tax irregularities.

Now  comes  the  health  issues which  luckily are not that serious, though  Kashyap would have  to  lead a  more  disciplined alcohol-free life  now.  We wish him  quick recovery. And yes,   hardships  are  said to come in a   bunch of three. Anurag has already exhausted  his quota.

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