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Apurva Asrani On Kartik Aaryan Being Bullied By Bollywood’s Powerful Pruducers’ Caucus



First  filmmaker Anubhav Sinha, now  writer  Apurva Agnihotri has spoken  on Kartik Aaryan’s bullying   with  baseless stories of his ouster from prestigious  projects  doing the  round.

When I contacted him Apurva was still seething at  the sheer unfairness of  a young star  from outside the  film industry being made  to feel like  an outsider. “There is usually a certain type of actor that is bullied like this. Very rarely are these actors from film families and are usually self-made youngsters who  defied the system to make a mark for themselves.”

The  problem  according to Apurva arises when  such  a non-connected actor  from the outside asserts his right  to  examine  a  film offer being accepting  it. “If they demand any kind of creative or contractual control over their projects, they are labelled arrogant  troublemakers.”

   Apurva  reveals  how some producers try to control the flow  of  talent  into the  entertainment industry. “Some industry ‘gatekeepers’ use journalists, PR and media to do their dirty work. They  surreptitiously destroy the reputation of anyone who questions their bullying. But after Sushant Singh Rajput , more people are speaking up. The fact that filmmaking is more democratized and corporate controlled today might be the reason for this overdue shift.”

  About  Kartik staying mum over attempts  to tarnish his  image as a professional actor Apurva opines,  “If an industry is functioning in a healthy manner, there will be enough members who will show spine and speak up for their peers. Today Kartik doesn’t need to speak, he can continue to do his work, there are enough conscientious people who are speaking for him. Sushant was not spoken for while he was alive.”

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