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Arnab Goswami’s Antics Draws Sharp Reactions From Film Industry



Arnab Goswami’s Antics Draws Sharp Reactions From Film Industry 12

 The  heightened  high-end  dramatic of   new anchor Arnab Goswami last week where he  went off into  ‘Mujhe Drugs Do’ chant/rant   to  belittle the Mumbai film  industry has not gone  down well with the  film industry.

 There  is a move afoot by the  film industry  to boycott Goswami’s channel  entirely.

“He is totally anti-Bollywood, He  calls out Indian film actors  , directors and  producers  by the filthiest  of names. He portrays  the film industry as a den of  q  would love to  blacklist  Arnab Goswami’s channel. But for this we need solidarity within the  film industry. For every Ranbir or Ranveer who refuse to go on Arnab’s channel  there is Kangana Ranaut on   the channel with a new scandal every day.This TRP-boosting exercize must   stop,” says a  prominent spokesperson  of the  film industry.

A  renowned multi National award winning actress  agrees remedial action against Goswami  is  essential. “We’ve asked for our actors to stop appearing on Arnab’s  channel. It is the  only way  to contain his allegations.”

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