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As Protests Surge Across The Nation, Huge Drop Expected In Adipurush Collection Post-Weekend




The producers of  Adipurush  may be laughing  all the way to the  bank, but those  who swear by  the Ganga river’s bank are not amused. Ram Bhakts  are deeply affronted by the narrative  liberties that the writers  of Adipurush  have taken with  the original Ramayan especially the language used  by  the  character  of Lord Hanuman.

At one point in the  vertiginous narrative he is heard threatening  Ravana with these words, “Tel tere baap ka, aag bhi tere baap ki aur jalegi bhi tere baap ki’,

The master-writer Manoj Muntashir Shukla  who has written  the  above dialogue defended his pearls  of wisdom:  “A very meticulous thought process that has gone into writing the dialogues for Bajrangbali. We have made it simple because we have to understand one thing (that) if there are multiple characters in a film, all of them can’tspeak the language. There has to be a kind of diversion, a division.”

After he was  pulled up for shamelessly defending the  indefensible , Shukla  has now gone into hiding.Very soon, other dramatis personae in  this grotesque travesty of a  film would also have a  lot of explaining to  do

.For example, why are twitter users alleging that money is being offered to them to delete their  negative  comment about Adipurush?They are  even sharing screen shots to  support their allegation.

While the veracity of  the above allegation is  not confirmed,  this writer can safely  disclose that  huge  amounts of money were spent weeks prior to release  to create the impression that Adipurishwas  a success even before release, that those who did not support the  film were  not true Hindus. Terms  like ‘blockbuster’ were  used to describe Adipurush even before release.

 After  release  it is  a different story. The truth about the  film’s shameful subversion of  the original text is  out. Heated protests  have broken out in many parts  of the country. In Chhattisgarh’sManendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur district, protestors demand a national ban  on Adipurushclaiming it is a conspiracy against Sanatan dharma.

An actor who  was part  of Ramanand Sagar’s long-running series The Ramayan says, “What this  film(Adipurush) has done is to bring Ram bhakts even closer to  our series than before.Everyone  wants to watch our Ramayan  again.”

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