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Baabul Supriyo On The Bulk Cellphone Theft At Nigambodh Ghat



Singer-politician-minister  Baabul Supriyo proved luckier than some  of  the other dignitaries  at  Arun Jaitley’s creation on August 25.

 Baabul along with ten other VIP attendees lost their cellphone.

“Luckily I had a backup phone and  all my numbers  were saved. But  people like Baba  Ramdev’s secretary  were left without phone  or numbers. In fact my own secretary lost his phone in the  theft  binge leaving him without all the important numbers that  he needs for me,” says Baabul, sad that we’ve come to this.

“Thieves attacking  people at  the Ghat where people come to send off and mourn for the  departed…it can’t get any sadder than this. What have we come to?”  Baabulwonders.

 The phones were all gone within  minutes. “One after the other I could hear  the  attendees  exclaiming  that they had lost  their phones.  It was bizarre. This  is a very professional gang at work at  the  Nigambodh ghat.”

Baabul  refuses to blame the  police. “It was a very tight situation for them. This was no ordinary  cremation and their attention was on other more immediate matters. But I’d like to  remind the  authorities  to keep the  CCTV  on  at all hours at the Ghat. I 

am  sure this gang of phone snatchers  has been operating at the Ghat for some time now.”

Baabul  doesn’t want the phone-snatching gang  to  be arrested. “No! what  good will that do?These are  con artistes. Let’s hone their  talent, use  it in more  fruitful ways.”

For Baabul sadder than the  phones being stolen at  such  a solemn  occasion was  the other menace celebrities face on such sober occasions. “People come  and take selfiesduring the cremation. This, I find intolerable. Have we come to this  level of  insensitivity? Take my phone, for God’s sake. But don’t take away  the dignity and solemnity  of  the  occasion.”

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