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Is It Kick or Subhash Ghai For Salman’s Eid?



With Sanjay Leela Bhansali packing  up  Inshallah  even before the  shooting started SalmanKhan’s ego has taken a big bruise. As far as the won’t-take-no Superstar is  concerned he must make it into theatres for Eid  by hook or by crook, if not the great Sanjay Leela Bhansali then Bhajaan Salman will settle  for  buddy Sajid Naidawala, or even fuddy-duddy buddy SubhashGhai(with whom Bhaijaan  had a massive fallout once).

 We’ve learnt  from reliable  sources that as soon as Inshallah was called  off, Salman contacted  Nadiadwala to ask if their  Kick sequel can be  rush-released  for Eid 2020. Nadiadwala who  never says no to anything  ‘Salman’, is scratching his head wondering whether  the  script can be readied in time.

“Nothing about Kick 2 is finalized, except of course Salman.There  is no script as  yet.Nadiadwalais committed  to  getting  the Kick sequel into theatres by the end  of 2020. Let’s see  if he can manage an Eid release,” says a source  close  to the development.

 There is  the  other  option . Subhash Ghai whom Salman once insulted publicly in unmentionable ways, has  coaxed the ostensibly infallible star to  do a film for him. Apparently Ghai wants  to do a remake  of  Khalnaayak with Salman which Ghai will direct  but not produce. Since the script for this one is  all set  Salman may just  opt to do the Ghai  film if Kick 2 doesn’t kick off as per his wish.

Let’s wait and watch.

 Subhash Ghai who tried  directing newcomers  in his last  directorial Kaanchi   had once condemned the blind dependence on a handful of A-listers to carry a film to the boxoffice. “For 70 years I’ve been hearing that the story and treatment are all that matters. Unfortunately the whole trade seems to be controlled by stars rather  than the story. Then there’s this new trend of  100-crore and 200-crore clubs. Finally though the producer gets just 10-20 percent of the profits.Earlier there was lasting relationships with exhibitors and distributors. 11 of my films were proudly premiered at Metro cinema in Mumbai. Now if they see 4 empty seats  they pull out of my film. ”

Having burnt his fingers  trying to  break the star-system he is back genuflecting to it.

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