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Bachchan Sr To Be Paid More Than Deepika But Less Than Prabhas(Much Less)



 Director Nag Ashwin’s Telugu  film featuring Prabhas and Deepika Padukone  will now have Mr Bachchan on  board, but there is  a precondition.

 He  will be paid  more than Deepika Padukone  who we are  told  is  getting approximately  12 crores. 

A  source  in the know informs, “Of course it is  still just a fraction of what Prabhas is  getting. Just why this  should be  so when  Bachchan Saab is  the most iconic superstar  of  the country, is beyond any  comprehension.”

The producers of  the Prabhas starrer have cast Mr Bachchan in a  role parallel  to  Prabhas.

“He isn’t there  in the film for just a portion. Bachchan Saab and Prabhas  will share screen space  from the beginning to The End,” a source informs.And since this is  Mr Bachchan’s first Telugu starrer  he  will be  learning the language , although his  voice will finally be dubbed .

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