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Priyadarshan: We Are Shooting In God’s Own Country

Priyadarshan: We Are Shooting In God’s Own Country 5

Kangana Ranaut’s  place of birth Himachal Pradesh  has completely mesmerized  filmmaker Priyadarshan.

 Shooting in  Himachal Pradesh for Hungama 2  with  Meezan Jaffrey, Shilpa Shetty, PareshRawal  and  others Priyan sighs, “I’ve shot in some of  the  most beautiful  spots  of earth. But none to compare with Himachal.It is by far the most beautiful place  I’ve seen .I want to come back here  for  every film I  direct .”

Priyadarshan says we must learn to respect  our own culture.  “Here in Himachal Pradesh I’ve discovered  the most  stunning locations, far more picturesque than  anything in Switzerland  or  France .No mountains on  earth can  rival the  majesty  of the  Himalayas. We must learn  to value  our own culture and heritage.Stop worshipping the West and the best.”

Priyan  strongly recommends  that we  stop shooting in the West. “It is an unnecessary   waste of resources  and foreign exchange. India has some of the most  camera-friendly  locations and landscapes  in the world. Why do we need  to  waste  so much money time  and energy  travelling and  shooting in foreign countries when  we have it all here?”

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