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Brahmastra Opens To A Thundering Welcome, Here Are the Details on Part 2




All the  misguided  wanna-‘b’s  of the  entertainment business—boycott,bigotry and beef—couldn’t  stop the Big B(Brahmastra) from becoming the  biggest  blockbuster  opener since Rajamouli’s Baahubali on a non-holiday  opening Friday.

At Rs 35-38 crores    boxoffice collections on Day 1,  the team  behind Brahmastra was  in a  party mood on Friday  night. The film is  an outright winner  no  matter what  the  killjoys have  to say.

Several  attempts  were made to  tarnish  the  film’s pre-release reputation by calling out, among other things,  the  projects’s mammoth  budget. All sorts of  numbers were put on  the  film’s final cost.

Karan  Johar  was  very sure of what  he was doing.  He placed complete almost blind  trust  in his  director.Ayan  Mukerji  got whatever he wanted to make  his dream  come true. The producer  literally  gave  him a  free hand.

“We had  complete faith in what  Ayan was doing.  I am so relieved and  grateful that he proved has proved us right,” says Karan.

Now here are details of the  second part of Brahmastra which the world is waiting to know  about. Brahmastra Part  2  will have a  new  lead pair.Hrithik  Roshan and Deepika Padukone  are  the  names  that keep propping  up for Part  2. Although  an entirely unexpected  Hollywood star  is  also a possibility  for  the second part of Brahmastra.

The  budget  for Brahmastra  Part 2 (entitled Dev)   would be  more controlled though  again, Ayan Mukerji will again be given the freedom  to  do what he  likes.

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