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Breaking: The Original 1983 World Cup Team To Watch Kabir Khan’s ’83 Tonight




History will be recreated this Wednesday evening, when the  players  from India’s  historic victory in the 1983 World Cup series, will watch  the  film all together.

Director Khan can barely contain his  excitement.  “Can  you imagine what this means? All the players  who brought us that Cup  will be watching the event  being re-enacted on screen  with 12 actors playing them on screen.”

I tell Kabir history was created once in 1983; it will now  be created again this  evening.

“You  can say that again. The very thought  of  this evening has  been giving me sleepless nights and  goosebumps  for days. I was actually  dreaming of this  moment  for three years now, ever since I  started making 83. That  evening when the  original team will watch  themselves on  screen reliving their historic victory, is here.”

Kabir reveals this was Kapil Dev’s idea. “I have been  asking  him to  see the film. He insisted  on watching  it with the rest of  the World Cup team. He  wanted to make  sure they were all together  for the experience. Now that moment is finally here.”

 Kabir admits he is a  nervous wreck. “I know I will be hiding behind a pillar watching the real  heroes  watching themselves on screen.”

The  entire historic evening is being filmed for posterity.

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