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Dark 7 White Review : Dead Man Talking



Dark 7 White(Zee5, Alt Balajee)

Rating: *1/2

 It’s a good thing that Sumeet Vyas who  plays the youngest chief minister of India(ChiragPaswan  could have beaten him  to that  , but alas) is dead  at  the beginning of  this  weird wacky drugged and doped series about the rise and fall and rise  and fall(something sexual about that movement which I can’t place my  fingers on) of   Yudhveer Singh Rathore who comes from royal lineage .But when it comes to sex and power, he behaves like an alley cat. All hurried and horny,  not willing to give  his opponents  the  time  of their life.

His death in the prelude  gives  the  plot a  chance to travel  back in  time. The writers  probably  forgot the script  while checking-in  the  baggage. From then on  the characters are pretty  much on their own.

  In  spite of his womanizing  swagger I  felt sorry  for Yudhveer.  He is supposed to be  this really smart dude with plenty of grey matter  and  dark secrets. But the writing lets him down. He just comes across as a spoilt brat who can’t bear to  not have his favourite toy on his birthday .And never mind  if his  birthday is aeons away. Guys  like Yudhveer are born to win even  of they are welded  by fate to losses .

 The  series  baits the audience with heavy doses of bad language which includes  ‘I don’t give  a fuck’  and ‘I give  a  fuck’ which are the one and  the same  , though this series seems  to think  the  opposite,   and  some really  clumsy fornication  where the  actors  look like they are fumbling over entry through a  narrow door rather than having sex. 

Each   of the ten episodes has a  sexy title  like Sapne Aur Sex, Politics Aur Porn, etc.  The one titled after  porn ends with  a bunch of girls throwing  their  brassieres  in the  air at a political  rally in celebration of  girl power.

All I can say to  these lost souls  is, best of luck with that. The series has somewhat lofty aspirations. Cop Jatin  Sarna  keeps talking about   films  like  The  Butterfly  Effect and Shawshank  Redemption(Sarna  pronounces   it as ‘Shashank’ Redemption, thereby  giving the  jail-break film a  desi touch).  But  the  treatment  of politics, sex and  ambition is purely cheesy and puerile.

“Watch  out Yudhi has arrived,” blares  the  background score  to announce the hero’s arrival. Sumeet Vyas has fun with his self-important character . If only we  could share his  enthusiasm.                                                                        

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