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David Dhawan Is Going Crazy Figuring Out Whom To Invite”



 Being in  David  Dhawan’s  shoes is  not  a  good place to be in right now. The  poor father of the star-bridegroomVarun Dhawan is  going crazy figuring  out whom to  invite and whom to strike  off   the  very exclusive guest list.

A very close friend  of  the Dhawan  family confides that David is  a very troubled man,  “He is having  sleepless nights ever since the family decided  to invite  selected  guests. But select whom? David has been a  part of  the  film industry for 45 years. He has formed innumerable professional and personal  relationships.The  thought of inviting some and dropping most of his long-standing associates  from the  guest list is killing him.”

 The friend says friends of  the family are not making it  any easier for the Dhawans  to  prepare a final guest list.  “There are  David’s friends,  Varun’s friends, Varun’s brother Rohit’s friends and Natasha’s  friends.They’re calling up to inform that  that they haven’t received  the invitation yet. Every time  such a call comes David quickly puts the caller’s name  on the list. Then  he realizes that there are others who must get priority and then some more names are dropped.”

Says  the friend, “David is  going crazy  trying to  prepare a final guest list. I feel Varun and Natasha should have gone off  to  an unknown destination  with their  immediate  families, like Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherjee. Kissi ko  nahin bulana manzoor hai lekin kuchko bulana aur baqi ko nahin bulana kataiyee manzoornahin(not  inviting anyone is  okay, calling a selected few  not okay).”

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