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Did Raj Kumar Hirani Promise Sanju To Sushant?



Did Raj Kumar Hirani Promise Sanju To Sushant? 10

It seems Karan Johar is being  unnecessarily being  blamed for Sushant Singh Rajput’s career  disappointments.

Sources close to Sushant say director Raj Kumar Hirani  had  got Sushant  to agree to do a  cameo in  the Aamir Khan starrer  PK on  condition that he would  play  the  lead in Hirani’s next.

Says the source, “In   2014 when  Raju Hirani made PK, Sushant  was  a very big star. Raju requested  him to do a cameo part as Anushka Sharma’s love interest. Sushant  was  not too keen, as  the cameo part  had already been   turned down by  other  A-listers.  He  politely asked Hirani what he would have to do in a  film that stars Aamir Khan. But Hirani assured  Sushant that his cameo in PK would make  an impact. He also  assured  Sushant that  he would be playing the  lead in  Hirani’s next  film.”
As it happened , Hirani’s next was  the Sanjay Dutt bio-pic Sanju and Hirani  quickly signed Ranbir Kapoor  for  the part the minute  Ranbir showed  interest  in it. As  for Sushant,  this was certainly not the  first  or last time he was  let down  by a filmmaker.

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