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Digital Lure: Will Yashraj Finally Succumb?



So far  Yashraj Films has unofficially  made its stance on straight-to-digital  very clear. The  production house had  decided  to not  give in to the  quick-release lure , come what May. Or June. Or July…No matter how long  it takes Yashraj, we  were led to believe,  would wait for theatres  to open.

But now  one hears  that India’s  biggest production house has  decided to give in to the  temptation  of immediate  money.

We hear  the first film produced by Yashraj to  hit the  OTT platform would be  Dibakar Bannerjee’s  much-delayed Sandeep Pinky  Faraar featuring  Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra.

A  source in  the  know says, “They are  getting a   good price  for it.No one would want to  release  it in theatres after  the pandemic.So why not?”

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