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Ekta Kapoor Voluntarily Edits Out Intimacy In Same-Sex Series



Self-censorship  has finally arrived  in  our entertainment  industry. Ekta Kapoor whose serials have  repeatedly been  in  the  vortex  of virulent  protests  for  their prurient  content has  decided to  clamp down her  creative freedom

In  the  new series His Storyy on a  marriage  going kaput after  the  husband  is  discovered  to be in a relationship with a man, many  of  the  intimate scenes  between the two male actors have been left  out on the  editing table.

A  source reveals, “They had  shot  a lot more intimate  scenes  between Satyadeep Mishra and  Mrinal Dutt . But finally decided to retain just a couple  of kissing shots, and that too  very discreetly done.”

Sources say the new code of conduct  for  the OTT platform is self-censorship. Why wait for  trouble  before  clamping down on  controversial content?

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