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Sonu Sood On His Fight Against Covid



Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood’s newly-started  endeavour to connect the  distressed with the  correct source  of help is  going great guns.

 He takes  time  off from  his hectic schedule  to tell me. “24×7  I am on the phone, trying to cope with the enormity of  this pandemic . Trying to  provide, hospitals beds,  injections,medicines,  oxygen. I know that people from all over the  country are struggling  trying to find the  right  channels to  source   their needs.We are  instrumental  in bringing the  needy  together with  those willing to provide  help.”

Sonu’s army  of  Covid warriors  is growing. “ We’ve   the top 25-30 technicians to make this  happen. We’ve created a  support system where  separate state-wise , we are looking at  the  pandemic needs  for plasma,injections,  oxygen  etc.”

   Those  providing help in this  time of unprecedented crisis are  fully authenticated. “It’s not  just about a random call  coming in to offer help. We verify the source  offering help before putting it out there. If  someone from Patna  or Bhatinda calls for a hospital bed or a ventilator we  immediately connect them  to  the  right source for  what is needed. It is a very authentic highly professional platform.”

Sonu is  glad his  24×7 endeavour to  help the needy has inspired  others like Gurmeet Chowdhary. “In fact we need many many more celebrities and influencers  to come  forward  to offer help.”

The indefatigable  Covid warrior says  he  is not at all daunted  by the growing demand  on his  time and attention from  the  needy. “The  best  part of  helping the  needy is  that the more  you do  it the  more there is  to do. The need grows , and so does the  number of people coming  forward  to help. Our  initiative to  create  a community of the needy and the  helpers is self-sufficient.  Our technical  , suppliers  vendors are all in place. We are a growing community  of the needy and  support providers.”

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