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Fahadh Faasil Finally Sets The Record Straight About His Accident

 The incredibly gifted Fahadh Faasil had an accident at the beginning  of March  which he is  still recovering from.Yes, it was THAT serious.  We’ve been hearing and reading a lot of speculative  unsubstantiated  reports  on how the  mishap happened and how serious it was.

I  finally   got the  truth from the  horse’s mouth.

 Says  Fahadh, “Yes, I had an accident a few weeks back. I am still recovering. The stitches  should  go   off this week.”

When I  urged him to share more details  the legendary  Malayali actor  replied, “I had  a fall  during  the  shooting  of Malayankunju.It was  a landslide sequence. Mechanically done. We  lost  control over the speed.I only  realized how  serious  it was when  my doctors  broke down. I  should be  back to normal  in about a week.It could have been avoided. But I  guess  I needed  this going offtrack and getting back.”

Fahadh says derailing is Nature’s way of rejuvenating him. “It often happens to me.I  am  never  in  one space for too long. It is  more often  psychological  than physical. But  physically to it happen once in a while.”

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