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Fardeen Khan, Poised For A Comeback



Fardeen Khan

What I really like  about Fardeen Khan is  that he is a genuinely  good guy, not the  fake ‘Paaji-tussi-mere-bhai-ho’ bonhomie  that  Bollywood is  known for. I remember when he was ready to be re-launched by Ram Gopal Varma in Jungle after a disastrous launch by his father Feroz Khan  in  Prem Aggan, the  volatile Feroz had  taken off on   me just before I was to interview Fardeen Khan

 I had  no clue what Feroz Khan Saab  was upset about. Later after  the interview Fardeen called  back to apologize.

 There is  no brashness, no aggression in Fardeen Khan.  He is what they call, a totally chilled out dude.

But I was  not being truthful when  I said what  liked the best about  Fardeen was  his amiable  deportment. What I really like about  Fardeen the best is his mother-in-law , the gorgeous Mumtaz.And he knows it.

Fardeen Khan who is celebrating his birthday with his wife and  children in  Dubai, adores his mother-in-law.

Mumtaz in turn dotes on her son-in-law. “He is actually the son I never had. As you know God blessed  me  and  my husband (global entrepreneur Mayur Madhvani) with two  beautiful daughters who never  let us miss the  presence of a son in our lives. But Fardeen is  more like  a son than a son-in-law.”

Mumtaz was  very close to Feroz Khan.  “Yes, not only Feroz  but all  the Khan  brothers. Abbas(Sanjay Khan) and  Sameer also.I did a lot of films with Feroz and Abbas and in fact I did two films with the both brothers starring as  brothers(Mela and Upaasna). And when Sameer was launched as  a  hero I  instantly agreed to play his heroine in a  film(Gomti Ke Kinare).”

Fardeen Khan who has been on paternity leave for the longest time , is  all set to make  a comeback in Sanjay Gupta’s next venture. He  never thought he  be away  for so long.  Initially his wife Natasha and he had to  move to London because they were  facing  challenges  in having children. In 2013 their  daughter was finally born.  Four years  later their son  was born.  Fardeen didn’t even know  how when  so much time flew by. He had to be  up and  down between  Mumbai and London. Because they   had chosen the  IVF  route it wasn’t easy for  his wife  Natasha  .

Fardeen  had to be  by her side constantly.Initially Fardeen Khan  thought he’d be away from Mumbai for  only  2-3 years.Now when he sees the children a little more settled  he  feels it’s time for him  to get back to work.

We can  hardly wait to see what  Phase 2  brings to Fardeen’s career.

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