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Minnal Murali 2, Here’s What We Know So Far!



Minnal Murali

Everyone’s Waiting For  Minnal Murali 2 Here’s What We Know  So Far

  1. It is  definitely happening. Plans to turn Minnal Murali into a franchise were  afoot even before the release  . Now that Minnal Murali has turned out to be global hit, the second film in the  proposed series is  being written in right earnest write…I mean, right now.
  2. Minnal Murali 2 will be  bigger in scope  scale  and budget. This time the  producers intend  to take  the Franchise to   a global level. While the  first film in the  Franchise was  budgeted at  approximately  19  crore rupees, Part 2 will go as  high as a 100 crores.
  3. But no,  it won’t release  on OTT alone. According to sources close to the project  Minnal Murali 2 will “most definitely” get a theatre  release; even if it is simultaneously released  on  OTT  it will most certainly go  ino theatres. Also, lead actor  Tovino Thomas  and director Basil Joseph who fought tooth and nail for  the first part to be released in cinemas, will this time  co-produce  the  Franchise …to exercise more control over release plans.
  4. This brings us  to Tovino Thomas who is  now  officially, one of India’s biggest stars. Tovino will of course reprise his role as Jaison.  But this time  Jaison will have added powers. Just what those powers are , are yet to be decided.
  5. Will  Jaison/Murali  fly  this time? NO!  A  big no. According to the architects  of India’s first  truly successful super-hero series  Tovino Thomas’s big USP is that he is different  from the  Marvel and DC  super-heroes. If  Jaison  flies he  will  lose his USP as  a super-hero.
  6. Who will  play the  super-villain this time?  Talks are  on with several  big names in Malayalam cinema. But a well-informed  source tells me that Guru Somasundaram who  played  the  super-villain so brilliantly   in  the first film may be back in the second film , though his  character died  .
  7. Minnal Murali 2 will be  a bi-lingual in Malayalam and  Hindi with a separate  Hindi version . It may also be  a  tri-lingual.An English version is  also  being considered.
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