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Farhan Akhtar Billed Wrongly, Mispronounces His Own Name



Farhan Akhtar

Don’s famous song Jisska mujhe ttha  intezaar jissle liye dil ttha beqaraar  woh ghadi aa gayee played  in my head when I  saw our own Farhan Akhtar  in   Episode  4 of  Ms Marvel the Disney-Hotstar  super-heroine series  about a 16-year old  girl Kamala(pronounced  Kamaala) with super-hero powers who  flies to  Karachi with her mother…no, not on a flying carpet. The normal way most of us  do.

In ‘Karachi’(I doubt  in actuality  the  team has   encountered  the K of Karachi) there is  a  big family reunion  with Kamala’s Ammi and Naani  exchanging veiled sarcastic insults.

Barb re barb!

This is  where  our own  Farhan Akhtar comes in  . He plays ‘Waleed’(do they mean Waalid?) the  leader of a clandestine  community of vigilantes known as  Red Daggers. Farhan wears the  kind of flowing gown that westerners  often robe Easterners with when peddling exotica to  the West.

His character is killed  in the same episode where is introduced.Is this what Farhan has been preening about?

I am surprised  Farhan fell for it. Would  he have played  the same role  in a Hindi/Indian  film? It is  a minuscule   part and  has  no gravitas  about it.Why  do our  actors run to play skimpy roles  in just about  anything that is offered  to them  in international projects?

Incidentally  in the announcement  of his  appearance in Ms Marvel  on Twitter Farhan is billed as  ‘Farout Akhtar’ which is his ID on his Twitter handle. I rest  my case.

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