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Foodie Prabhas Needs To Get Back Into Shape




Telugu superstar  Prabhas  had a huge setback with his latest release Radhe Shyam. The costly film has  gone into  a disastrous  deficit  , and  many say a part of the  huge budget went into photoshopping  Prabhas’ face and physique, as they looked out of shape in many  sequences.

 The  avoirdupois issue has been tailing Prabhas’s career for  quite some time now. It’s  all to do with his love for  food.Prabhas  loves to eat and to  feed his friends  and co-stars with the calorie-rich delicacies  cooked in his  kitchen.

This food fad has begun to show  on camera .Rumours  from the Radhe Shyam  team  suggest  that  crores  of rupees went into airbrushing   the Superstar’s  face  and  physique. Even then, fans were  not pleased with the end-result.

Adding to his weighty woes is the  knee surgery which Prabhas has undergone recently, due to which he  cannot exercize,   cannot go to the  gym. Consequently,  all  shooting for Prabhas’s forthcoming  films has halted for now, until Prabhas gets  back into shape

In an interview  with  me, Parbhas has  spoken of being a   foodie, “I admit I  am a foodie. But since I am in this  profession I have  to watch  my  diet. I became  a vegan which my mother didn’t like. But what to do? If I get  a chance to play a character who is  a foodie I will grab it with  both hands.”

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