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For The First Time Revealed Salman Khan’s Actual Fee For Bigg Boss (It’s Not What You Read)



Salman Khan

All kinds of wild conjecture about star-fees has become the order of the day. Most of these figures are manufactured on desktops. Quite recently we had a story on Salman Khan’s fee for Bigg Boss’ forthcoming  season.

According to reports, Salman Khan is being paid Rs. 350 crores to host Season 15 of Bigg Boss which commences in October.

A prominent source from the Bigg Boss team dismisses this alleged fee as a “wildly impractical”.

“Who can afford to pay any star even a superstar like Bhai, this kind of money? No, Salman Khan’s fee is closer to Rs. 200 Crores for hosting the new season of Bigg Boss for 14 weeks,” the informed source divulges.

This is still a mind boggling sum and and far more than what the other Bigg Boss hosts like Kamal Haasan and  Nagarjuna get for hosting the Tamil and Telugu Bigg Boss, respectively. But then Salman is Salman. He is India’s highest paid actor, hands-down.

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