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Salman Khan’s Entire Family To  Attend Katrina-Kaushal Wedding



Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif

Will he , won’t he?  Speculations on whether Salman Khan will attend his close friend and  protégée Katrina  Kaif (soon to be  Kaushal)’s wedding in Jaipur   later this week  can be laid to rest.

Sources close to Salman reveal  that the entire Khan family is expected to  attend  the  Katrina-Kaushal  wedding in  Jaipur.

“Katrina is  very close  to Salman’s sisters. Both his sisters  are expected to attend with their husbands.I think Katrina is also keen on Salman’s parents and Helen Aunty attending the wedding. But considering their  age and health they may not be  able  to make it,” says the source.

As for Salman attending the  wedding, no one knows how his mind works, specially when  it comes  to Katrina who, according to his close friends, is  the  only woman  he really wanted to marry. But as their relationship evolved , Katrina outgrew Salman .

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