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Holi 2022 Songs: 5 Favourite Songs that will never age!



Holi 2022 Songs

Holi 2022 Songs: Here  are  the Holi 2022songs that  capture the soul spirit and essence  of  the Festival.

There was a time when no  major Hindi film was considered  complete without a  Holi song. No more. The Holi songs  are getting rarer by the  (y)ear. And the ones that we do hear are so far removed  from the spirit of  the festival to  be almost a mockery of the  true spirit of  Holi 2022 Songs

Holi ayee kanhayi rang chalke(Mother India, 1958):  Shamshad Begum  gives the main  coquettish voice to this alluring  Holi  song that captures the sense  of unstoppable joie de vivre  as Nargis and  Raj Kumar  play newly-weds  celebrating their first Holi together. There  is an undercurrent of sexual banter  in  the song that makes it mildly erotic and hugely  enjoyable. Musical maestro Naushad composed  a number of Holi songs  in his career, each different in  sound and  context. None more playful and  magnetic than this.


Arreja re hatt natkhat(Navrang, 1959):  Asha Bhosle  lends a luminous  quality to this unique  song  celebrating Radha and Krishna’s mating games as the  colours of Holi swirl all around them. Director V Shantaram  got  his  wife to do something extraordinary  . He made his wife Sandhya play both Radha and Krishna, thereby making this the only auto-erotic  Bollywood Holi song.The underrated  composer Vasant Desai  used  Asha Bhosle’s supple vocals to give this Holi song an undercurrent  provocativeness.


Aajna chhodenge bass humjoli(Kati Patang, 1971):   The  colours of Holi provide an evocative mood-play of joy and sorrow in this startling play of light and shade, colours and  colourlessness. Rajesh  Khanna in his  patent ghost-voice of Kishore Kumar sings  about  nothing stopping him from  enjoying Holi while Lata Mangeshkar  brings in a  twist of  tragic sobriety as she sings of the colourless Holi for the widowed heroine Asha Parekh. A very tough composition. But then R. D Burman isn’t what he is without reason.


Holike  din dil khil jaate hain(Sholay, 1975) To be honest, this is  not one of my favourite Holi songs. It is one of R D Burman’s weakest  compositions  ever. But its significance  is  more  scriptural  . In the  film it signaled that moment just before  the dacoits attacked  the village. Holi as the indication of impending  calamity  was never more  clearly  out on screen.In  another  popular  song the title  number  from Holi Aaee Re, the heroine Mala Sinha is impregnated while playing Holi. A  feat worthy  of  the Guiness book.


Rang Barse bheege chunar wali(Silsila, 1981): Which the most popular  Holi song from Hindi cinema? The  Amitabh Bachchan  rendered Range  barse would be among the Top 3 Holi songs on any list. Bachchan Saab told me it is a song he  gave  to Yash Chopra,a  song he  heard  during his childhood  with his  parents during  Holi. In  the film the number is  a killer moment  meant to smash relations .As  rang and bhaang flow freely,the much married  Bachchan and Rekha flirt freely as their respective  spouses  Jaya Bhaduri and Sanjeev Kumar, respectively , watch on  helplessly. Holi  acquired  its licence for  indecorous  behaviour and hooliganism from our movies where the Holi songs  often suggest it’s okay to cross  limits because….well…Bura na mano Holi hai.



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