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Honsla Rakh, Diljit Dosanjh’s Rocking Home territory



honsla rakh

Now that Diljit Dosanjh has come out in open with his harsh opinion of Bollywood, he should stick to Punjabi films where he is King

Diljit, a personable actor if you ask me, is seen having a ball in the trailer of his forthcoming film Honsla Rakh. It’s a film that tries very hard to be urbane and funny. But the jokes about a single father trying to cope with am unwanted baby ran out of steam with the recent Hollywood film Fatherhood. And Diljit, sorry to say, is no Kevin Hart.

Ya ya, good comic time. But nothing to write home (or to Canada) about. Diljit plays one of those trying-to-be-cool daddy, and it’s obvious that little Shinda Grewal who plays his son, is a natural-born scenestealer.  He is Punjabi star Gippy Grewal’s son, and obviously a chip off the old block.

Diljit and the child seem to have had a lot of fun together. How much of that fun actually winds its way to the audience remains to be seen. The narrative is happy cruising in safe waters.

Honsla Rakh spares no effort to be funny. Even the title is chuckle-fest. You see, the child’s name is Honsla. Get it? Ha ha. I am sure Diljit’s fans in Punjab will flock for this one. As for the non-Punjabi audience, he doesn’t care.

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