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“I Don’t Know Why Vivek Agnihotri Would say Something So Absurd,” Bhopali Rumi Jaffery Is Puzzled



Rumi Jaffery

The  Kashmir Files’ director Vivek Agnihotri’s remark on  the  term ‘Bhopali’ being synonymous  with homosexuality has puzzled Vivek’s  close friend  writer-director Rumi Jaffery who is from Bhopal.

“I don’t know why Vivek would say such a thing. My  first  response was  that of  disbelief. I thought he was being misquoted. Then I saw  the  video  , and  it seems he did say it. Baaton baton mein  kuch ajeeb sa keh diya. Hota hai,” says Rumi, adding that he  didn’t want to comment on  it.

“Vivek is  a dear  friend.We’ve worked together.In fact during pandemic we completed  a film together which I wrote and he  directed.  We have the same circle  of  friends. If it was someone else  saying something like this I’d be  much more  vocal. But Vivek…I don’t know  where he  got his statistics from. There are  so many well-known  artists from Bhopal in  Bollywood,” says  Rumi.

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