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It Takes Three Is Better Than You Think



It Takes Three (2021)

It Takes Three

Starring  Jared Gilman,  Aurora Perrinaeu,Mikey Madison, Davod Gridley

Directed  by  Scot Coffey

Rating: ** ½

There was  nothing here that  one could possibly take home because, one,  it is a  standard routine  rom-com about the  campus nerd, the campus jock, the campus beauty with brain and  the campus  tomboy. Also, because what could  one take home when one is watching  the film at home? Ha ha.

 Seriously the  jokes  in   this film are  far better than  the one  I  just cracked. The director cracks  the Cyrano de Bergec fable about the man with an extra-large  nose  in love with the unattainable  beauty. Here Cy Berger(how inventive!) is not a nosy loverboy. He is  just nerd with glasses who has been raised by  two spirited  lesbians.

The duel-mom angle is refreshing, sassy and funny   specially in the way  Cy is moddlycoddled by  his two moms who think he is the most handsome boy on this side of Tom  Cruise. Cy of course  takes his  Moms’  pampering with  a pinch of salt. He  wants  a major plastic surgery done to his  ordinary  face, and is saving up for it.

 Cy then meets the sorted  articulate and  brainy sensible  Roxy(Aurora Parrineau) who is  wooed by the  campus hunk who has  thousands of followers  on Instagram where he  spews  bumpersticker gyan to  a generation starved for  starvation diets.Cy’s best friend Kat(Mikey Madison) will remind you of Kajol in  Karan Johar’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

I  like the way this film takes its four stereotypical  characters  into confidence, nurtures their  prototypical  propensities and  converts them into  individuals  from types. It  is  an alchemic  transformation, and one that  goes  a long way in  transmuting the inherent triteness  of  the  quadrangle  into something special.

That extra spark in the dialogues and that feeling of  watching  characters who  are able to rise above the lower heights  to claim a sliver  of fame is  palpable   . The actors  are  new yet convincing specially  Aurora Paerrineu who snubs the  social-media  stud so  softly it takes a  while to understand how effectively  the writers have converted the clichéd  characters  into something worthwhile and interesting.

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