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It’s OK For Salman To Perform Ganpati, And Not Ok For Sara?



Salman Khan who is as Muslim or Hindu as Sara Ali Khan, is seen  celebrating  the Ganpatifestival every year with  friends and family. This year was  no exception.

And  we  loved  his enthusiasm  for  the  Festival this  year as  much as every year. The  point is, Sara Ali Khan was  trolled mercilessly for  celebrating Ganpati. Sara’s  father and  mother are Muslim and  Hindu respectively, just like Salman’s.

So why  single out one  for  rigorous  rebuke and  celebrate the other for the same? If this doesn’t smack of  patriarchal values, what  does?

 Woefully,  Salman was  caught smoking  at the   event with his brother-in-law Atul Agnhihotri.

 Imagine  the hell that would have been  raised  if Sara Ali Khan was espied smoking at  the  Ganpati celebration.

Shouldn’t  iconic  celebrities ensure they are  not caught doing anything  in public  that they would  regret  later? Or  is there a  separate set  of rules altogether  for Salman?

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